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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Santa Who Never Quits

Tom Williams' everyday look.
Christmas was two months ago, but don't tell that to Tom Williams, who is the closest to a dead ringer for Santa Claus as any man I've ever seen.  You either.

Tom can't help but look like Santa, whether it's December, or July or last week when we caught up with him as he volunteered at the Habitat ReStore in Christiansburg.

He can't just turn it off.

We saw that when a young child approached him wide-eyed in the ReStore.  As far as that kid was concerned, THAT was Santa, and the boy wanted to talk to him.  Tom, of course obliged.

I asked him why he didn't just shave the beard and get a haircut.  "Then, I wouldn't look like Santa," he said.

The C'burg ReStore
See, Tom wants to look like Santa.  Not for the notoriety.  Not so he can sit in the mall at Christmas. (Which he doesn't do.) Not for some personality disorder, or even for local fame.  Tom wants to be Santa so he can accomplish good.

In my story, you'll see how Tom volunteers for numerous organizations.  You'll hear about his Santa Cares Program.  You'll see the story of a man who is truly trying to put the giving not just into Christmas -- but into every other month of the year as well.

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