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Thursday, April 18, 2013

25 Years of Roanoke Mustangs

The Roanoke Mustang Club has been in existence for the past 25 years.  During that time they have shown a lot of cars, raised a lot of money and donated it to many local non-profits.

I first met Suzanne Beels sixteen years ago, when the Mustang Club wanted to donate to Saint Francis Service Dogs, where I was (and am) on the board of directors.  The club has continued to donate every year since for at total of $15-thousand plus. 

This year the club will again donate to Saint Francis as well as the Mill Mountain Zoo and the Virginia Museum of Transportation.
What struck me about the club is how much it ISN'T about the cars.  I mean, it's a Mustang club.  You can't show your car with them unless it is FORD powered, and they spend thousnads or tens of thousands of dollars on their vehicles.  So when I asked various members of the club what it was about Mustangs that was so enduring and endearing, they all said something to the effect of, "the People."
Members of the Roanoke Valley Mustang club like to get together and talk about their cars, but they really like to just get together.  They like serving the community and they enjoy the company of one another.
 So congratulations to the Mustang Club as they celebrate their upcoming 25th anniversary on Sunday May 5, at Red Sox Stadium in Salem.  They will have all kinds of auto related activities and at least 100-150 Mustangs.  Anyone can show their car -- as long as it is Ford Powered.
 I encourage you to check out the show.  You'll see some cool cars, and meet a great group of caring people.

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